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Greetings and welcome to my site!

I've been glass fusing for over four years now. I started with a class taught by Judy Conway and was hooked! I do a lot of work at Vitrum Studio, which Judy co-owns with Kevin O'Toole. I've put some examples from the classes I've taken at Vitrum on the Class Work page. And if you're interested in reading more about glass fusing, I'd recommend the Warm Glass website.

I love working with glass -- it is almost like creating with light and water. I want to take advantage of the unique properties that glass brings, including its sparkle, shine, translucency and depth, its flow when under the influence of gravity, and its unpredictability (bubbles are great!).

Most of my work involves shapes that are organic and flow-y, although sometimes an idea comes to mind that requires more precise geometry. I'm naturally drawn to cool colors and neutrals, but not always. I'm inspired by the evening sky, the seasons, foliage and flowers, and by ideas like the beginnings of things or how something can be revealed by looking through something else.

Although I called this site "Terri Hobbs Fused Glass," I really wanted to include a section on my dabblings with gemstones. I've always found the colors and patterns of minerals fascinating, and I collected rocks as a kid. Even now, when I buy gemstone beads I get a ton of enjoyment just looking at them. But occasionally I do get around to stringing a necklace or doing some wire wrapping, and for those skills, I'd like to thank the ladies at Caldron Crafts, Barb and Murph.


What's new?
National Capital Art Glass Guild show at the Washington Technology Park, in Chantilly, VA. April 23 - July 15, 2004
"Primary Colors: A Survey of Contemporary Craft in Red, Yellow, and Blue." The Artisans Center of Virginia, Waynesboro, VA. May 20 - July 1, 2004
National Capital Art Glass Guild show at Fisher Gallery in the Schlesinger Art Center, NVCC, in Alexandria, VA. November 3 - 28, 2003
Vitrum Studio First Invitational show at Art's Afire gallery in Old Town Alexandria, VA. August 28 - September 29, 2003

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All artwork, text and photographs Copyright 2003-2005, Terri Hobbs, except where noted. No contents may be used or reproduced without written permission. Unfortunately, I've felt compelled to put a "watermark" on most of the images. I know three people who have had images of their work stolen from the web. If you'd like to see the photos without the watermark, please contact me.